What is a Coaching Session Like?

What is a coaching session like?

When somebody first comes in, first of all I make sure they're as physically comfortable as possible and I make a mean cup of tea, and I ask them what it is they have come here to see me for. I ask them what it is they're happy with in their life and/or what it is that they're unhappy with in their life. And I ask them a little bit about their life. So, first of all people tell me why they're here, how I can help them and then I ask them a little bit about their history. But I do not believe in staying stuck in our past. I think we need to find out what happened. I think we need to forgive everyone for everything, yes everyone for everything, not because of them, but for us. We want to forgive for us. And then I ask the client to tell me what it is they want now.

Now this is very interesting, because it's usually very easy for people to complain about their lives and tell me what they don't want, however, actually saying what you do want can be really, really challenging. But we have to say what we want. We have to be able to order from the cosmic kitchen, or else how will God and/or all the angels know what it is we want. And then we take the list of what the client wants and we do, what's almost a form of hypnosis where I have the client go into a very, very relaxed state. And I have the client see, and feel, and hear and really believe all these things that they want happening for them right now. Then we come out of that, I'll read tarot cards for them, I mean I'll do a lot of different things for a client. Sometimes I just get a hit on what to do.

I give people a lot of exercises and ideas to help them build up their self love and self respect because when we love and respect ourselves, that's when the affirmations, that's when this work really, really can manifest.

Wendy Logan