How Affirmations and Visualizations Can Empower You

How affirmations and visualizations can empower you

Affirmations & visualizations have been & continue to be life-changing for lucky moi & my thousands of satisfied clients. They can be an easy breezy act of self-empowerment & self-love that can be experienced just about anywhere & anytime you need/want to shift your vibration to change your life. It’s all about healing your old defeating beliefs & visions that might be energetic blocks between you and what you want. When people hear about doing affirmations or visualizations, their first tendency is to make themselves wrong for thinking "bad" thoughts or “negative" thoughts or visualizing the “wrong” picture. Please know that you are a divine being, doing the best you can, & you are not going to be deprived or punished for not knowing  how to think thoughts & visualize things that will make your life better. And please remember that as your Spiritual Coach I am  here to help you feel accepted, loved, lovable, powerful and safe.

The loving power that created you is within you & all around you. This power loves you unconditionally & wants you to have what your heart desires as long as you wish no harm to yourself or others. Whatever you think or envision for yourself, this loving power will do anything & everything to manifest it for you. And even if you have been affirming or visioning the opposite of what you desire, the loving power will still deliver your wishes to you…however, if you are guided to do more empowering affirmations & visualizations, the process will be expidited.  

Wendy Logan