The tools you receive when I Spiritually Coach you


First of all, you will get loving, undivided acceptance & attention. During your session, you will feel like the Center of The Universe & The Superstar that you truly  are. You will also have a safe place to express & release any feelings &/or thoughts that no longer serve you. Your feelings will be accepted & validated then transformed when you are ready. I will listen to your life story with loving, non judgmental ears, because your story will guide me to what affirmations, visualizations, meditations, & fun assignments that will best serve you. Next you will share your dreams of what you desire in your life with me & then you will be given earthly steps to take along with a daily spiritual practice that are perfect fits for your beliefs & lifestyle. Everything we do together will be custom-made for YOU!!

You will receive customized, personalized affirmations. Then we do the affirmations in the mirror. We then do meditations and visualizations to bring the affirmations more to the earth level, rather than just abstract words. You will see, feel, and hear these positive affirmations as your new truths for a blissfully happy life. If you so desire I will read tarot cards for you, using 20 different & fascinating decks. We can  use crystals,  candles, oils, & Feng Shui to empower you…whatever feels safe & appropriate for you. After a session with me, you will be empowered to love yourself & your life in glorious new ways.

Wendy Logan