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"Hello Beautiful People!"


Ready to love yourself and love your life?

You're at the perfect place, at the perfect time - I am ready to guide you.

❤ How to love yourself and your life

❤ One to one empowerment sessions

❤ How to thrive as an artist

❤ How to attract your soulmate

❤ How to be peaceful and happy

❤ How to love your body

❤ How to be successful

❤ Angel communication

❤ Crystal layouts and meditations
❤ Personalized affirmations

❤ Personalized meditations

❤ Personalized visualizations

❤ Personalized affirmation candles

❤ Daily spiritual practices

❤ Tarot card readings

❤ Astrological readings

❤ Feng Shui

❤ Reiki

Wendy's Videos on Life and Love

Happy Valentine's Day message from Wendy
How can you move on from a bad situation,Simple here are a few steps in the right direction.
How to meet a new person for a date or just a friend

My Approach to Being Your Spiritual Coach

As your Spiritual Coach, first of all, I will do everything in my power to help you feel safe, supported, & respected. Your feelings & thoughts will be validated. Then, when you are 100% ready, we will dive into the joyous waters of changing your life for the better in fun & safe ways.You will be empowered. You will trust that there is a loving power that created all good and beautiful things in the universe & you are one with this infinite power. We will connect you to that power in ways that are appropriate for your personality and belief systems and then I will give you ways to use that power to create what your heart desires in your life. After my clients leave my office, they feel as if they have received a Spiritual Lift. They always look more beautiful & radiant, sound more confident, & feel happy & serene. I am delighted to be your Spiritual Coach.

- Wendy Riese


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❤ Public Speaking

❤ Private Coaching

❤ Family Coaching
❤ Corporate Events

❤ Seminars

❤ Love Relationship Coaching

"I Love You & So Do You"

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